A list of various organs below gives an idea of the stylistic diversity of Martti Porthan Organ Builders. The most important organs in the firm’s as well as Finland’s organ history have been the following:

1989 Urjala Church organ
1991 Savonlinna Cathedral organ
1993 Janakkala Church organ
1995 The organ in the Finnish Church in Stockholm, Sweden
1996 Practice organ in Sibelius Academy
1998 Kotka Church organ
2000 Vähäkyrö Church organ
2003 Pakila Church organ
2005 Paavali Church nave organ
2006 The organ in the Oulu Polytechnic organ hall.

Restorations of some romantic organs have also been important:

1998 Lapua Cathedral organ (the biggest in Finland)
2004 Luopioinen Church organ.